DSK for the Children from infant (0 ) year old of age!

The newly born baby has no decay bacteria. It is also possible to spend a lifetime with zero teeth if you prevent infection by taking a firm muzzle tooth from the time of your baby.

Routine Dental Examination and Checkup for early age is deeply connected with general health, so you should always be careful about oral hygiene.

It is necessary to treat as soon as possible when it comes to tooth decay and periodontal disease. For that reason, it is important to regularly undergo a Dental examination and discover tooth decay and periodontal disease at an early stage.

Mushi tooth prevention program

We plan to create customized prevention programs to each child and create personalized files. Based on that, process treatment of regular checkup and preventive measures such as fluorine coating.

Kids' prevention course (more than 4 times a year)

Nico Nico course (0-3 years old) ¥5,250/ each treatment

☆ glittering course (around 3 to 6 years old) ¥10,500 / each treatment

★ shiny pika course (around 6 to 12 years old) ¥10,500 / each treatment


■ Children`s bad tooth alignment should get attention from DSK - Orthodontic!

■ We make a mouthpiece for his or her teeth protection from accidents and sports activities! and more..