Dental Station Minatomirai

We takes care of your comprehensive diagnosis of dental treatment for:

■ Dental Cavities (pain and recovery)

■ Periodontal Diseases (bleeding gums, or bad breath)

■ Routine Check up and Cleaning

■ Orthodontic (Braces)

■ Prosthodontic (restore and make artificial tooth and crowns, bridges)

■ Denture, Partial Denture

■ Whitening

■ Implant

■ and Cousaltation for any of your Dental problems , e.t.c.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. we are looking forward to meeting you!

Treatment of dental carie / treatment of periodontal disease

If the dental caries are also in a small state, it may be possible to treat with filling and early detection is important. It is made by a dental technician specialized in ceramics who are part of our group, located in our Office. We offer highly accurate ceramics treatment, so please do not hesitate to ask us. Periodontal disease can also be prevented with professional oral care. Let's check out periodontal disease periodically.

We are: Based on the philosophy of Standard Precaution, we thoroughly clean and disinfect and sterilize all the equipment we used and strive to prevent in-hospital infection so that patients can receive treatment with peace of mind.

Implant treatment

Implant treatment is not cutting next tooth, it can compensate for lost teeth and keep the remaining teeth healthy. Also, because it is fixed type, meal can be delicious and chew anything Become pronouncedly better. And you can regain clean teeth and comfortable roots. It is exactly anti-aging. We are conducting more than 2,600 cases of implant treatment mainly at our office and Tokyo Dental College. Using that experience, we will provide professionally today.

implant treatment by 3D diagnosis in cooperation with Oral & MaxilloFacial Care Clinic Yokohama which is a facility approved by the Japanese Maxillofacial Implant Society. In addition, we offer implant treatment that you can receive with confidence that the success rate is high even for patients with all conditions such as poor bone quality, low bone mass

Orthodontic dentistry

It is important for orthodontic treatment to have balanced chewing of upper and lower teeth along with the beauty of appearance In our hospital, we perform orthodontic treatment in conjunction with general dental treatment according to each individual's oral condition. By correcting the back of the teeth and correcting the ceramic bracket it is possible to laugh with opening a big mouth even while correcting it by doing unobtrusive aesthetic orthodontic dental treatment.The orthodontic treatment is sufficiently possible even after becoming an adult, By starting treatment from childhood, which is the growth stage of the jaw, more ideal orthodontic treatment can be done

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